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Cooling System Flush Machine

Cooling System Flush Machine

The Cooling System Flush Machine eliminates the need to have the engine running in order to carry out the exchange process. It removes the old coolant while simultaneously refilling with new coolant. Keeping the cooling system full throughout the exchange process eliminates the possibility of air locks.

The Cooling System Flush Machine’s unique tank design enables the operator to evacuate entire machine and switch from one type of coolant to another.

  • Quick coupler fittings
  • 98% fluid exchange
  • Prevents airlocks
  • No messy spills
  • Durable construction
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick, easy and reliable

For best results, use the OEM Approved:

  • Performa Cooling System Flush to safely and effectively flush entire system and heater core
  • Performa Cooling System Service to neutralise acids, slow down fluid degradation and lubricate water pump